Book Review-Now and Forever

1 Dec


Now and Forever by Mary Connealy is the second book in the Wild at Heart series.  This book focuses on the middle Wilde sister-Shannon.  Shannon simply wants to live a peaceful life tending her sheep on her very own claim-trying to forget the Civil War nightmares that continue to plague her most nights.  What she doesn’t count on is going over a cliff into a roaring rapids with reclusive mountain man Matt Tucker.

All at once Shannon is plunged into battling the wild, injuries, and now a mysterious stranger-trying to destroy her property and livestock in order to drive her from her land.  Will she be able to survive, and can she learn to trust Matthew through it all?

I have to admit, I had a hard time getting through the first chapter of this book.  I guess I just didn’t like how it was written (seemed kind of cheesy), and it took me months to sit down and finish.  Finally, I just sat down and kept reading, and am glad I did.  This book DEFINITELY gets better!  I really ended up liking this book-the main characters Shannon and Matt are very likeable, there is plenty of action and adventure, and the author did a great job building up suspense surrounding the bad guy.  Normally, I can figure out who the bad guy is pretty fast, but I didn’t figure this one out until he was revealed, which was fun.  This book ended up being a great, quick read, and if you enjoyed the first in the series (which I previously reviewed), I recommend this one as well.  Please note: this is series where I definitely need to read the first book before the second, or you miss out on a lot of history surrounding the characters.

As always, I thank Bethany House for providing me with a free copy of this book for my unbiased review!


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