New Classroom Decorations

16 Jun

One of the books I read before we started homeschooling last year mentioned how you can set up a homeschooling “space”, but it might not be where you actually end up doing school.  I really took this to heart, and I am glad I didn’t set up anything specific, as most of our projects take place at the dining room table anyway.

Now that I know that, I decided this year to do some of our classroom decorating in our dining area.  First up, was this awesome Dr. Seuss die cut set I found at Jo-Anns.  The Girlio LOVES Dr. Seuss, so this was the perfect thing for our wall above the computer.  I have a few of the other die cuts spread around the room as well.

For the far wall, I knew I wanted to put up a map.  I found a two piece removable decal at Jo-Anns, and added that first.

The Girlio is SERIOUSLY into outer space right now, so when Teachers Pay Teachers had their latest sale, I invested in this space pack.  I printed and laminated the planet fact sheets, along with the phases of the moon, and put those up on the wall as well.  And there you have it-instant classroom!  🙂
(This was hard to get all in one picture, but you get the idea!)


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