Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Part 4

10 Mar

Over the last week or so I have been sharing parts of The Boy’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.

Today, I wanted to finish up by showing you some of the decorations.

Besides the normal streamers and the Jake decorations, I made a banner.  I simply printed the same gold doubloon coloring page I used for the games and card onto bright yellow card stock five times, and using a hole punch and some yarn, made this banner:

For outside the house, I used this idea from Pinterest:

Basically, I just cut off pieces of black duct tape and put them all the way up to the driveway, with an X marks the spot in front of our door.  Kind of like a treasure map for partygoers to get to the party.  🙂

He opened his presents from us and his grandparents before his friends arrived.  I decided to make it a treasure hunt, and wrapped all the presents in brown paper, and taped gold doubloons all over the outside.  Then I took green paper and marked big Xs on them.  We hid the presents, and then taped the green X papers close to where they were hidden, so he would know where to look.  Here is a picture of him finding a present:
And one of what the presents looked like after he found them:

Oh, and I forgot to mention the cake.  It was a bit of a fiasco at first.  I always buy our cakes at Safeway-they are SO delicious.  But, they don’t always have the theme I want.  So, this year I picked a Mickey Mouse luau cake.  I asked them to change the colors to boy colors, and leave off the Mickey toys.  When I went to pick it up, not only was it the wrong colors, but it had shifted in the package, and the frosting was destroyed on one side.  Fortunately, I had gone to pick it up early, so I was able to come back later after they fixed it (and they reduced the cost for the inconvenience, which was nice.)  It turned out pretty good (if you had seen the first result, you would definitely agree!) and then I just customized it with toys we already had, and I even remembered I still had The Girlio’s 5 yr. candle too.  It ended up looking pretty cute.  The Boy loved it, and that is all that really matters!!!!  🙂
And, one last picture of the birthday boy for good measure:
I hope you enjoyed this peek into The Boy’s Jake party-we sure had fun!  🙂


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