Pinterest Thursday and Jake Party Part 2

5 Mar

On Tuesday, I shared two games and some prizes from The Boy’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.  Today, I am going to share the rest!

The third game the kids played was Walk the Plank.  I got the idea from here.  We just used a board we had in our garage, and then blindfolded the kids and let them walk across.  It was perfect for Preschool-age kids.  🙂

For prizes, the kids got a Jake notebook.  I made it with pages from here.  I reprinted a few of the pages to make it more substantial, and then trimmed down the pages (so it ended up being a little smaller than the coloring book) and stapled them together into a booklet.
They also got some “Jake Juice.”  I printed a coloring page from here (reduced to 30%), taped it to a long band of paper, and adhered it to a Capri Sun.  Then I just added the word juice under Jake.  Easy to do!
For the fourth game, we played Treasure Box.  I enlarged and printed five more gold doubloon coloring pages from here onto bright yellow card stock and cut them out.  Then, I took a laundry basket and covered it with a tan blanket.  The kids stood on our ottoman above the basket, and tried to drop the gold doubloons into the “treasure box.”  It was harder than it looked because the gold doubloons would float to one side or the other, but we kept handing them back and letting them try again if they missed.  A fun, easy game for little ones.  🙂  It was hard to get a good picture because the kids were moving so fast, but here is one so you can get the idea:
For prizes, the kids got a certificate showing they were officially a pirate.  I got mine from here, but I have since seen cuter ones (so look around), and this one did have a spelling error-which I noticed after I printed them.  Oh well, they still looked cool.  I printed the certificates on cream card stock to make them look a little more aged, and then just wrote in their names and the dates.
They also each got their own pixie dust!  I used some felt I had laying around, put some cotton balls in the middle, tied it tight, and made them into necklaces.  They turned out pretty cute.  🙂
I used up all the felt I had, hence the multitude of colors.  🙂

So, that’s it for the games and prizes!  We did temporary tattoos, ate cake, and opened presents, and overall the party was a huge success.  I made pretty much everything from home with my crafty supplies and printer, which was great for the budget, and also great because we have had quite a bit of snow in the past few weeks, and I could just make stuff and watch Netflix without leaving the house.  🙂  It was a lot of work, but it was fun, and after all, he will only turn 5 once, right?

Another long post, but not done if you can believe it!  Next Tuesday, I will show some of the decorations.  🙂


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