Jake and the Neverland Pirates Games and Prizes Part 1

3 Mar

As I mentioned yesterday, The Boy just had a birthday.  I decided this year to put a few simple games together for the kids.  I was glad I did, because after I had everything decided, The Boy informed me (just four days before his party) that he wanted to invite three of his friends!  Fortunately, they were all able to come, and everyone had a blast playing games, eating cake, and checking out the presents.

The first thing I did was to make a TON of gold doubloons by printing, laminating and cutting out doubloons from a page I found here.  I did three pages, so it ended up being over 80 doubloons.  Whew!  Here is a picture of some of them after they were all assembled:

Our first game was Treasure Dig. I got the idea from here.  I printed, laminated and cut the treasure dig sign from that site as well.  I didn’t really want to use sand, and I didn’t want to have to go buy rice or something to dig in.  Then I got a brilliant idea and swiped The Girlio’s bucket of perler beads.  It was not messy, and was free.  🙂  I hid five gold doubloons in the bucket, and then kids had to dig for the treasure.

For prizes, the kids got their pirate gear.  I printed, laminated, and assembled pirate hats from here.  I did red for the girls, and blue for the boys.  They also got their eyepatches, which I simply made from yarn and card stock.  I left them unassembled so that moms could size them to their own kids and they would fit  (the assembled ones in the picture are the ones for my kids.)

Our second game was Lily Pad Jump.  I got the idea from here.  I cut green cardstock to be our “lily pads.”  I put two big blue sheets on the floor.  The pin used a plastic tablecloth, but to be honest, I think a sheet is better because it isn’t as slippery.  Also, I didn’t have to buy anything!  🙂  I spaced out the lily pads on the sheets, and placed one gold doubloon on each one.  The kids had to jump from one lily pad to the next to collect gold doubloons without falling in the “water” because otherwise Tick Tock Croc might get them!  The Boy got this Tick Tock Croc flashlight for his birthday, so whenever anyone fell in the “water” we pressed the button on it to make the Tick Tock Croc sound.  🙂  I didn’t get a picture beforehand, but I have one picture of a game in progress so you can get the idea:

For prizes for this game, kids got a sheet of Jake stickers (I found a package of eight sheets of stickers for .99 at Party City), as well as a Jake coloring book.  I made the coloring book by printing coloring pages from here and here and here, and made a cover from here.  I stapled them all together, and voila-coloring books!  🙂
Whew-this has gotten to be a very long post, so I will share the rest of the games and prizes on Thursday.  Hope you are enjoying getting a look at our party!  🙂


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