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Kid’s Craft #120-Paper Plate Snowman

28 Dec

Here’s a fun paper plate snowman The Girlio made over Christmas break:

We also completed a few projects we have done before.  You can see previous posts here-making stars for The Boy’s preschool, and Reindeer Noses.

And finally, I wanted to share a few of The Boy’s projects:
First up-he made this little manger with baby Jesus at church.  He is SO proud of it!  🙂
And second, he made this Christmas paper countdown chain at Preschool:
The reason I wanted to share this one is really because of the story behind it.  It is a countdown chain, and you are supposed to cut a chain off each day until Christmas.  When I told The Boy we were going to cut it, he said, “NO, it’s so pretty!” So, I hung it up so he could look at it.  Of course, the baby gets a hold of it and tears it up.  So, here I am, restapling a chain that you are supposed to be cutting apart.  After that, we put it up high with The Girlio’s snowman, and it is still there right now because The Boy likes it so much.  Funny.  🙂