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Chatterbox-Jake And The Neverland Pirates!!

18 Nov

We were recently chose to be a Chatterbox family for a new Jake and the Neverland Pirates toy.  We were all pretty excited-Jake is a big deal around here!
product1When we received our complimentary Chat Pack, the kids couldn’t wait to get to get this toy out of the packaging and start to play! The package includes a Jake figure from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a sword and a fish that can fit into Jake’s hand, and a treasure chest that opens and includes a removable golden treasure. Jake’s hands can be moved up and down as well for more realistic battles! The Boy loves to play with the Jake figure, and we have already had several battles-me with either the sword or the fish, and him with Jake holding the sword or fish. The Girlio really enjoys playing with the treasure chest and keeps popping it open, removing the treasure, and closing it again. Quite perfect because each are enjoying a different part of the toy, and there isn’t fighting. 🙂

I have to admit I was expecting a lot smaller Jake figure, and was pleasantly surprised at how large it is. Jake fits very well in my son’s hand, and is easy to play with. I would say the treasure chest is a little hard to close for a 4 year old, but my daughter doesn’t have a problem with it. The kids are having a blast with this toy, and I can see that one will not be enough-my daughter is already asking when we can get Izzy. And, I suppose it would be nice to not just be holding a sword or a fish on my side of the battles. 🙂 I so appreciate being chosen as a Chatterbox on this Jake Buccaneer Battle Pack-what a fun toy!!!