Pinterest Thursday-Frozen Silly Putty

30 Oct

I found a recipe for Frozen silly putty on Pinterest, and well, we just HAD to try it as a science experiment!  🙂

pin found here

This was a FUN experiment!  So much so, that we made two batches.  With the first batch, we definitely added TOO much glitter.  You can see in the picture below that it got all over the table.  🙂  We made a blue batch, and then a pink batch.  The best part, was the chemical reaction with the glue and the borax-SO cool to see an immediate change in consistency.  The end result was really more of a cross between play-do and silly putty.  It was easy to roll into strips, make shapes, etc., without the crumbly mess of play-do (which is what I don’t like about play-do.)  We stored each batch in ziploc bags, and it hasn’t dried out at all.  Very fun, and I am sure we will make more!

Our “lollipop”:


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