Pinterest Thursday-Growing Crystals

28 Aug

The very first science experiment we did for school was to grow crystals.  I thought it went very well with our Frozen theme and when I found this on Pinterest, I thought it was worth trying:
pin found here

We experimented with sugar, baking soda, and salt.  We also experimented with twine, yarn, and wool yarn.

The Girlio kept a log over a two week period and observed the differences between the three, and what happened.


I would definitely recommend using pipettes to re-soak the yarn every once in a while-you get more crystals this way.  It was pretty fun to see the results (the sugar one was the only one that didn’t work, but we ended up making rock candy later, so we still got something to work with sugar), and was a good follow-up to our science homeschool lesson at the library (they meet once a month) where we had talked about the scientific method.

Fun stuff, and looking forward to doing more science experiments this year!


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