Pinterest Thursday

3 Jul

So, for the 4th of July, I like to pick a few new things to try of the red, white, and blue variety.  This year I made:

pin found here

I have no idea why I have taken so long to make popcorn balls for the kids-they are easy and delicious!  Anyway, I decided just to make blue ones. In my genius, I thought I could add some blue star marshmellows in with white ones to give a slight blue flavor (not wanting to use an excessive amount of food coloring.)  Not so genius.  That actually turned them a soft green color.  I guess now I know how to make them for St. Patrick’s Day.  🙂

I also made:

pin found here

Another super easy recipe.  I thought it tasted OK, but the rest of the family really liked it, so I am sure I will make it again.  I also want to try her cherry limeade recipe, but couldn’t get Sprite at the store.  Really? who doesn’t carry Sprite?  Anyway, I got the rest of the ingredients, so as soon as I can locate some Sprite, I will try that one too.  I am especially interested in it as cherry limeade is my favorite Sonic drink!

The last food-related item I tried this year was to use blue and red Powerade to make colored ice cubes for our drinks.  I, of course, couldn’t find an ice cube tray, but my Dad suggested using the little paper Dixie cups I had, and that worked out great-thanks Dad!  🙂

So, there you have it-the new food stuff I tried for the 4th.  I will share the new crafty stuff later!  Hope you have a great 4th!  🙂



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