Pinterest Thursday-Homemade Kit Kats

12 Jun

Here is a recipe I tried from Pinterest a little while ago:

pin found here

Um. YUM.  This is an ingeniously simple recipe that takes hardly any time to make.  While I don’t think they taste EXACTLY like Kit Kat, they are completely delicious, and I definitely ate way too many.  I recommend cutting them in half, as they are quite rich.  I am now thinking about how yummy they would be if I incorporated peanut butter in some way-maybe they would taste like those Little Debbie snacks?  Anyway, this is a good one-go forth and make these!  🙂  They would be great to take to a get-together or something..that way you aren’t tempted to eat as many….or maybe I am just talking to myself on this one……  🙂



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