Pinterest Thursday-Reading Nooks

5 Jun

In our house, I love to read.  And, I want my kids to feel the same way.  The kids are well on their way, and have been really working on their summer reading programs (nothing like the incentive of prizes to motivate them!)  All I was hearing from The Boy was “ma, me prize?” to the point where we finally sat down and read 19 books in a row-who knew he even had that kind of attention span!  🙂

The Girlio has completed the Barnes and Noble one three times, and both the older kids have completed two levels of the library summer reading program, and we have done one level with the baby (did I mention the library summer reading program only started THIS week?)  Anyway, I saw a picture of a reading nook on, and it really got my brain going.

I’ve pinned it here

I wanted to create something similar for the kids-a separate space for each of them.  I thought about it for a while, and came up with my plans.  For The Girlio, it was the simple matter of turning a bookcase in her room (it was flat against the wall) and folding out a mini couch (that was also against the wall) to create the space.  I hadn’t hung anything up in her room since our move, so we had plenty of things to add to the walls (I let her tell me where to put them because, as she reminded me, “it’s my space, mom!”)  Then I hung some paper flowers above the space that she had in her old room to complete the look.  It is the perfect little space for her, and took very little effort.

She was so very excited about this idea, that she helped me create one for her brother as well.  For him, we used the boys’ closet.  There really wasn’t anything in it except a few boxes I was able to shift to a higher shelf.  I removed a lower clothing bar, and The Girlio helped hang some gorgeous Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt hangings my friend Mary Ann had made The Boy for a baby present.  I LOVE them-isn’t she talented?  There is even a matching quilt.  🙂
IMG_7161 (1).jpg
Anyway, we added blankets and pillows, a few favorite toys and stuffed animals, and here is the result.   We might have been a little too successful with this one as The Boy likes it SO much, that he usually sleeps in here instead of his perfectly good bed!  🙂 I still need to add a light to this space, but haven’t found the one I know we have somewhere-must still be in a box.  I have found a flashlight in there more than once though, so he finds a way.  🙂

I am really happy with how these turned out.  They were easy to put together in just a couple hours using stuff we already had, and the kids love them-which is the point!

Hopefully, many hours of reading will happen in these spaces!



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