Pinterest Thursday-Frozen and Angry Birds

8 May

In April we jumped on the Frozen and Rainbow Loom bandwagons (I know, we’re a little behind.)

Here are a few Frozen coloring/activity sheets we’ve done:
pin found here

pin found here

this maze was a little tricky, so I was glad to see The Girlio stick with it until she figured it out!

And, The Girlio has already made 20-30 bracelets and rings in the short time since we got the Rainbow Loom  (definitely a fun toy for her!) so when I saw this tutorial for an Angry Bird charm (the kids really like Angry Birds) made with loom bands, I thought I would give it a try.  I am usually pretty bad at stuff like this (I need more patience!) but I am proud to say I stuck with it, and although it doesn’t look nearly as nice as hers, it was still a passable attempt (the picture below is hers, not mine!)  This gal has some real creativity-she comes up with some pretty amazing things made out of bands!

pin to video found here




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