Work Space Challenge Part 3

29 Apr

So, my goal was to have my scrapbook room all unpacked and ready to go by National Scrapbooking Day.  I thought that was reasonable-1 1/2 months after we moved in.  Well, not so much.  I just realized this week that NSD is Saturday, and BOY do I have a ways to go!  I have already conceded it will not be completed, but I do have another section that I want to share with you today that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

I knew that I wanted to put in a crafting station for my daughter on the right-hand wall, so I started with that next.

Here is where I left off on this wall:

View From Entrance:
View of the wall:
So inspiring, right?  🙂

Anyway, I have been cannibalizing furniture and fixtures that were previously used in other capacities from our old house, and slowly incorporating them into the craft room.  Right now I am more focussed on having a place for everything rather than making it look pretty.  I am sure I will move stuff around more later, or maybe buy some pretty containers, but for now, this is what I am going to use.  Heck, I already have the stuff, so I might as well not spend money, right?  Or, at least use that money to buy more crafty supplies.  🙂

New view of the entrance:
New view of the wall:

I found a small white folding table for The Girlio’s desk, and emptied out one of my plastic drawer units to store her crafting supplies.  She has a lot because I have won TONS of kid crafting supplies in online contests, plus I have given her some of my stuff, so she definitely has enough to play with.  On her desk, she has a box of crayons, and a box of markers nesting inside-making it easy for her to set everything out and color.  There is also a box of coloring books, construction paper, and activity books behind that.  She has her own tape dispenser, and a small blue container for trash.  In the plastic drawers she has drawers for the following: glues and tapes, stickers, stamps, beads, foam sheets/foam stickers, pipe cleaners/googly eyes/pom poms, and the bottom drawer is paints and brushes.  On top, she has a few misc. projects, as well as a box of empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls.  Underneath the desk I have stored her Girl Scout stuff and some extra long paper (another thing I got for free) I often use for Girl Scout crafts.  I am an assistant troop leader, and having all these free craft products sure has been an awesome bonus-I use them ALL the time for projects for the girls.  There is also one more box under the table I have yet to unpack.  To the left of the drawer unit, I have a couple larger projects we haven’t done, as well as some bags containing projects that have been already started.  It looks a little messy, but The Girlio has been using it for a few weeks now, and it works great, and that is ALL that matters!  🙂

Another very large task-completed!  I am happy to say that The Girlio did help with this quite a bit, so that was nice too!

The NEXT area I tackled was to the left of her crafting station.  I put in a bookcase, and loaded it up.  Again, I will rearrange later I am sure, but at least this stuff is no longer on the floor.
And that, is PLENTY to share for one post!  Next up, the last thing I want to accomplish before the weekend-my table.  Here’s a preview:atable1
Oh. My. Lord.

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