Pinterest Thursday-Fireflies

17 Apr

Here’s another Pinterest project I did that I had yet to post about!  This one I have had on my list since I pretty much started on Pinterest, so it was high time to get to it!

I actually made these with my Girl Scouts, and they turned out super cute.  Here is my sample one:

You will have to excuse it’s condition as it has been much loved and played with by The Boy.  🙂  Isn’t it cute, though?  🙂

pin found here

We changed them up a bit-used colored googly eyes (way cuter!), added Sharpie eyelashes, and patterned duct tape wings (again, way cuter!) but otherwise, stuck to the original design.  What a fun idea.  I will admit that I added some extra work for myself on these though.  They said to just use a push pin to make the holes for the pipe cleaners, but I had such a hard time getting them through myself, that I knew my Daisy girls would have issues too.  SO, I used the pushpin to create a pilot hole, and then actually used a cordless screwdriver and drilled the holes.  Took a really long time to do (six for each egg!) but made it so much easier for the girls to do.  So, it was worth it.

Definitely a fun project, and someone was very creative to think this one up-another reason why I love Pinterest so much!

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