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Book Review-Tide and Tempest

13 Apr


The Summary:
Tide and Tempest was written by Elizabeth Ludwig and is the third book in the Edge of Freedom series.  This book follows the continuing story of Tillie McGrath, whose fiance died as they journeyed by boat to America.  It has been two years since that fateful day, and Tillie has done her best to move on with life-she has made new friends, and has a dream to open an orphanage.

But all that changes when Captain Morgan, the captain of the boat she sailed to America on, re-enters her life with startling news.  Her fiance hadn’t just died of an illness, he was murdered-and now those that murdered him were after her!  With the help of Captain Morgan and his brother Cass, Tillie works to discover not only who murdered her fiance, but why.  Will they discover the answers to this mystery before someone else is hurt, or worse yet killed?

My Thoughts:
I didn’t really care for this book.  I suppose part of it may be that there were a lot of characters from previous books that I didn’t know (as I have not previously read books one and two), but the story was still interesting, so I wanted to read it.  What I didn’t like was that the plot seemed quite disjointed to me.  It started out smooth enough, and there was good suspense, but towards the end it was a bunch of the good guys coming up with a plan to outwit the bad guys, and before they could almost get it going, the bad guys figured it out and got them.  Then, they would try something else, with the same result.  It seemed like this was basically the whole last part of the book, and so I figured that maybe the good guys had a mole that was reporting to the bad guys.  I mean, how else could EVERY plan get thwarted so quickly-almost before it had begun?  But there wasn’t.  And, why didn’t the good guys realize it wasn’t working to keep coming up with plan after plan after plan?  I still think they could have gotten some law enforcement help, but I suppose that would have taken away some of the danger of it all.  Anyway, this kind of just spoiled it for me.  I wish there would have just been one plan they were working to put into place instead of almost having plan after plan on top of each other-almost rushing their way through the book.  It was kind of difficult to follow-almost a “what are we doing now” thing.

Anyway, I always enjoy reading a new book, and I did think the original premise for the book was good, I just didn’t like the execution.

I do thank Bethany House for sending me a free copy of this book for my unbiased review!