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Work Space Challenge Part 1

6 Apr

I found a challenge over at Studio Calico to tackle one part of your craft room, and thought-this is for me!  You see, when we moved in I did manage to dump stuff out of most of the boxes so I could see where things were, BUT then only managed to get the paper shelves together, and some things organized on top of those shelves.  I also got my desk in, and cleared off the top so that I could at least make something.  Then I started to feel overwhelmed, and didn’t really want to deal with the rest!  Here is the picture of the entrance to my room so you can see how bad it was!



Anyway, this challenge was perfect, because it seems much easier to take things in chunks.  🙂

So I set three goals for myself this weekend, and as I tackle more areas, I will post about them.  Here are the before and after pictures!

Goal #1: Create an actual path to my desk!

YAY!  Progress!  🙂

Goal #2: Make path to paper boxes, and get paper out of boxes and into shelves

Double yay!  Only, then I got sidetracked.  I thought, wow-I should unpack the box that has my scraps of paper in it.  Then I found another drawer of scraps.  So, I decided to organize my scraps by cardstock, patterned paper (large pieces, strips, and smaller pieces.)  Great idea, and needed to be done, but TOOK FOREVER and was mind-numbingly BoRiNg!  I did finally get it done, so that is wonderful, but that was not so fun.

Goal #3: Clean off top of paper shelves
I haven’t quite figured out how I want to organize everything on here, but at least it isn’t cluttered for now!

And that is PLENTY for this weekend-I definitely have had my fill for now!  I have a bookcase for storage that is going where I cleared out the paper boxes, and I have a table and plastic drawer unit going to the right of that for The Girlio’s crafting station, so maybe I can have hubby find the bookcase and table in the garage and bring them down-maybe tackle that area next!