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Pinterest Thursday-A Belated Valentine’s Version Pt. 1

3 Apr

I know Valentine’s Day is well past, but I still wanted to share some of what we made this year.  I decided to make the kids’ valentines from Pinterest ideas, and here are the ones I used for The Girlio:

v2 v3

I have always wanted to try making homemade crayons, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity.  They turned out really cute, but it took FOREVER to peel all the crayons (I have since seen a pin on how to get the labels off easier, of course!) and I was using a mold from IKEA-those really don’t work well.  My original ideas was to use one mold to make yellow and orange fish, and then do hearts, and the topper would be one that said “I o-FISH-ally love you, but every time the tails on the fish broke, so I ended up doing just hearts.  They were super hard to get out-I had to redo several before I got enough that stayed together-I really think it was the mold.  Anyway, fun to try, but probably won’t do it again.  I think The Girlio and I peeled crayons on and off for a week, and my fingers hurt for another week after that from the peeling and pushing out of the molds!  I added toppers from this pin.

The Girlio was invited to a birthday party the weekend before Valentine’s Day (her friend’s sister was having the birthday, and was allowed to invite one of her friends.)  I didn’t feel the need to provide a big present, but decided to package up a few hearts in a cute little bag so that The Girlio could give the birthday girl a little something.  Here is what that looked like:


So, that is what we did for The Girlio.  Next week I will show you what we did for The Boy.