A Book Review-Critical Reaction

17 Dec


Critical Reaction was written by Todd M. Johnson and takes place in a remote section of Washington State which houses a shutdown nuclear facility run by Covington Nuclear. One night, an explosion rocks the facility.  Soon after, a few of the guards begin experiencing health issues, but when they search for answers, all they get is the runaround from Covington.  Desperate for answers, one guard, Kieran, decides to sue the company-just to find out what he has been exposed to.  It isn’t easy to find an empathetic lawyer in a company-run town like Hanford though, and just a few months before the trial his lawyer backs out.  Desperate for help, Kieran reaches out to an old college friend turned fledgling lawyer-Emily.  She agrees to take the case, but knows that she needs more resources and support than she has available.  She reluctantly approaches her estranged father-a burnt out lawyer looking to close down his well-established practice and quit law for good after the death of his wife (Emily’s mother.)  He agrees to help finance the case for Emily-but only so that he can spend more time with her.  He believes the case to be un-winnable, but the more time he spends reviewing the evidence, the more inconsistencies he finds.  Maybe there is something to Kieran’s claims after all.  What really did happen that night at Covington Nuclear?

My Thoughts: I previously reviewed Todd M. Johnson’s book A Deposit Slip, which was just OK (I thought it really dragged out in the middle.)  This book, however, although similar in the fact that there was an estranged family situation and a seemingly hopeless case, was MUCH better.  The action continued throughout the book (no lags), and I was rooting for the characters to discover the truth the whole time.  This book had good suspense, drama, action, and I wasn’t sure what would happen until the very end-the makings of a good thriller.  It will be going on my shelf as a keeper, and I thank Bethany House for the complimentary copy of this book!


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