Kids’ Craft #95-Our Pumpkins

22 Nov

I just realized I never posted pictures of our pumpkins from this year.  I grabbed some designs that the kids liked, printed them, cut them out to make stencils, and then used a Sharpie to create an outline for the kids to fill in.  Since they are still young, we just use markers to decorate them.  This year, they had so much fun, they kept coming back and adding more, and as you can see from the pictures, they decorated all the way around.  The Boy’s has tape on the top because he accidentally knocked it off the table while drawing on it, and The Girlio’s has ribbons around the top of hers-they are her birthday balloons.  If you are wondering, hers was a cat, but she kept on adding to it-those are balloon drawings around the sides.  🙂



IMG_5076     IMG_5074


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