Book Review-Into The Whirlwind

15 Oct


Into The Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden takes place during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  It follows the story of a young business woman named Mollie who runs a watchmaking factory that she inherited from her father.  She loves the factory but even more so, she treasures her employees-mostly injured and scarred remnants from her father’s old Civil War regiment-veterans that no one else would hire.  She is determined to keep the factory thriving-especially for their sake, but when a fire destroys most of Chicago, everything is in jeopardy.  How will she keep everyone together?  Will the factory survive?  And, what part will the mysterious Zach Kazmarek play in her plans-will he help her, or destroy everything she has worked so hard for?

My Opinion:  I really enjoyed this book!  I have previously read another book by Elizabeth Camden that was just OK, so I expected it to be similar.  I was very pleasantly surprised however!  I loved the unique storyline-the fire, a woman owning a business in the 1800s, and found the romance to be very believable (my main problem with the last book.)  This book is well-written, is not predictable (a big plus for me) and is definitely worth the read.  I will be keeping this one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House for my unbiased review.  Thank you!


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