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Happy 4th Of July!

4 Jul

Hope you are all having a wonderful 4th!

I pulled some fun things from Pinterest to make our holiday a little more special.  Today, I am going to share the snacks, and tomorrow, the crafts!

Licorice Snack (I used Pull N Peel licorice, and just cut up one piece into three sections as the kids don’t eat that much!):


pin found here

Layered Drinks (this is our second year doing these):


pin found here

Fruit Pizzas-we have done these for a few years now, but in case you would like a pin, here it is.  🙂  I usually do blueberries and strawberries on mine.


pin found  here

We also had cups of star-shaped red, white, and blue marshmellows, and I made some homemade popsicles.  I also purchased beef jerky, Cracker Jacks, and Pop Rocks for the hubby as they are some of his favorites.  Fun stuff!

Anyway, have a wonderful Independence Day!!!!!