Pinterest Thursday-And A Wonderful Surprise!

27 Jun

So, I won the mother-load of all kids’ crafting supplies from Consumer Crafts last week.  It arrived this week, and within 24 hrs., The Girlio had created four bracelets and four necklaces (I’ll have to get pics of those and post them too.)  🙂

I was so super excited to win this because there were several items I had been wanting to purchase-including a new painting apron-and now I have a bunch of new stuff for the kids to play with!

Here’s a picture of the loot:


Ridiculously awesome, isn’t it?  This isn’t even everything, as while I was taking this picture, they were doing this:


And making these:

The Girlio’s (using watercolors included in the package):


The Boy’s (using a paint pouncer from the package):


The tree printable came from Pinterest and can be found here.  The Seal page was a leftover worksheet from The Girlio’s Kindergarten class.

Thank you SO MUCH Consumer Crafts-we are having a blast with our new craft stuff!!!!  🙂


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