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A Book Review-To Honor And Trust

14 May


Summary: To Honor And Trust was written by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller.  The book is set during the early 1900s, and follows the story of Callie Deboyer, who works as a teacher for the well-to-do Bridgeport family.  The family winters on an resort island called Bridal Veil, and the story begins with their arrival on the island for the winter season.  While there, Callie meets a man named Wesley Townsend-someone she assumes is just the golf instructor at the resort.  They begin to get to know each other, and care for each other, but what she doesn’t know is that he isn’t just a golf instructor-he is a wealthy guest at the resort.  When the resort guests are mysteriously robbed, suspicions are aimed straight at Callie.  Can she clear her name?  What will happen when she finds out Wesley’s true identity?

My Thoughts:  You know, I wasn’t thrilled with this book.  It was OK, and had good writing, but it just didn’t capture my attention.  Maybe the story line just wasn’t my thing or something, but for me-I could have skipped this one.  I don’t really even have too much to say about it-I guess it really didn’t leave a lasting impression.

I do want to thank Bethany House for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read.  All opinions are my own.