Kid’s Craft #80-Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

10 May

So, I can’t believe I am STILL sharing crafts we did from Spring Break, but we really did go all out for crafts and projects.  It was quite fun, but definitely a lot of work.  Think I will space things out a little more this summer.  🙂

Anyway, I found an idea on Make and Takes to make pipe cleaner bunnies.  Theirs looked like this:


I pinned it here if you are interested.

I loved the idea, but thought the bunnies could use a little more character.  So, I basically looked at it, and then re-created it my way.

Here is our version:


To make these you need: a pipe cleaner, two googly eyes, a cotton ball, pink felt (or something for the nose), and some glue (we used Glossy Accents.)

1. Take one pipe cleaner and cut a 5 cm section.  Fold it in half to create a “v” shape, and then fold the ends down to meet in the center of the “v.”  This will create the bunny ears (this part is the same as on Make and Takes.)

2. Cut the remaining pipe cleaner in half.

3.  Fold one section into a “v” and fold it upside down over the center of the ears.  Twist to secure. This will create the legs and body.

4. Take the remaining pipe cleaner, and twist it around the body to create arms.

5.  Fold up the ends of the arms and legs to create hands and feet.

6.  Adhere googly eyes and nose.  For our noses, I used the negative pieces left over from a felt embellishment by Fancy Pants, but you can use whatever you have handy.

7.  Break a cotton ball apart into sections and roll the sections into balls.  Adhere to the back of the bunnies for tails.

Didn’t they turn out cute?  We actually made more than what is pictured, and I know several of them made it to different homes as part of Easter presents, so that was fun too!

I think this was the last of our Spring Break crafts, so now I can start sharing some of the other projects we have been creating lately-look for those starting next week!

Have a great day!


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