Book Review-Unending Devotion

27 Nov

The Summary:

Unending Devotion was written by Jody Hedlund and takes place in the late 1880s in the logging camps in Michigan.

The story is about a young lady named Lily Young, who is in search of her missing sister.  Her search leads her through logging camps and small towns, until she reaches the town of Harrison.  There she not only makes new friends, but confronts danger, corruption, and meets a man by the name of Connell McCormick.

Lily is determined to do what she feels is right, and Connell is forced out of his comfort zone in an effort to save Lily from the constant trouble that ensues.

My Thoughts:

Although I liked that the story took place in an arena I had not previously read about, this book read WAY too much like a Harlequin romance, than a Christian adventure/romance.  Lily is continually needing to be rescued and doesn’t really learn from past misadventures, and while that I could live with, the constant talk about sex, brothels, people trying to keep their hands off each other, people cheating on their wives, etc. was too much for me-definitely not my taste.  I did not like this book, and would not recommend it.

I do thank Bethany House for providing me with a complimentary copy to read, and I was provided with no other compensation for my review.


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