Kid’s Craft Week #61-Painting Pumpkins

9 Nov

Here are some pictures of our pumpkins this year.  We have voracious squirrels, so carving is just inviting the squirrels to eat them faster.  That, combined with two young children, well-we paint our pumpkins instead.  It’s much easier.  I used Better Homes and Gardens templates and a sharpie for the faces, and let the kids go to town.  This year was The Weebo’s first painting experience.  He cried when we were done because he wanted to keep painting.  And, I have to say, his turned out the scariest looking!  🙂

The Weebo:

The Girlio:


(I nailed straight through the googly eyes into the pumpkin to get them to stay.)

Mom and Dad’s:

And finally, a picture of the kids in their costumes.  As you can see, the squirrels (within 48 hrs.) have already attacked.

I guess it’s a good thing I took pictures of the pumpkins right away!


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