Kid’s Craft Weeks #44-#52

8 Jun

We have done several kid crafts over the past weeks that I haven’t posted, so I am going to play some catch-up in this post.  🙂

#44-Painting With Water Colors:

#45-Painting Sun Catchers:

#46-Coloring a Birthday Card and Tags For a Friend (these were made with my Silhouette):

#47-Coloring TONS of Pictures at Easter (here’s one):

#48-Using Paint Chips to Teach Cutting In a Straight Line (we saved the cut-apart scraps for making cards):

#49-Watercoloring with Markers (you scribble marker on an acrylic block, and pick it up with a wet paintbrush-very cool):

#50-Coloring Wooden Crafts:

#51 -More Wooden Craft Coloring:

There was also a puzzle, but it is missing in action already.  🙂

#52-Making a Card for a Pen Pal:

And this completes our first year of kid’s craft weeks!  We started on April 1, 2011, and finished the beginning of May 2012, so that is not too bad considering holidays, vacations and such.  Looking forward to year two!


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