A Book Review-Chasing the Sun

23 May

Here is my first book review for Bethany House.  I did receive a copy of the book for free, but received no other compensation.  I posted this review on amazon.com and christianbook.com as well.  I really enjoyed reviewing this book, and am looking forward to the next one!  🙂


Chasing the Sun is set in Civil War times, and focuses on Hannah-a young lady in her twenties raising her younger half brother and sister on a ranch in Texas. The ranch was given to her father for being loyal to the Confederacy, and was taken from a family that had decided to fight for the north.

Throughout the book, Hannah endures very difficult trials-an unwanted suitor, warring bands of Indians, the death of loved ones, and the rigors of running a ranch-all while being faced with the return of one of the original owners of the ranch.

This book provides plenty of adventure, a good “bad” guy, and decent historical background from the times. It also has a strong Christian values message of encouraging prayer in tough times which I felt was very good. I enjoyed the well-developed relationships between Hannah and her siblings, and also Hannah’s relationships with the hired hands and eventually even the Indians.

The biggest downside to the book though, was the romance between Hannah and William. It seemed very contrived. I couldn’t picture a girl sobbing over bad news thinking at the same time-if someone hadn’t just walked into the room, I might have kissed that strange man I just met. It was almost as if the book was written, and then the love story was thrown in here or there to make it a “romance.” The main characters really didn’t even spend enough time around each other to get to know one another, and yet they could fall in love? Also, the romance seemed very modern for the times-not as proper as one would be in the 1800s, and even though it was said a few times “well, we are in Texas, and we don’t need to be as proper”, I still felt there should have been more decorum for the time period.

In short-if you are looking for a good adventure/historical book with a Christian theme, this is a good one-time read. If you are looking for a good romance book-this isn’t it.

So, there you have it-my first review.  Hope you found it helpful!  🙂


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