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Kid’s Craft Week #38-Valentine’s Cards

10 Feb

This week, The Girlio has been working on some Valentine’s Day cards.  I gave her a bunch of stamps that I had saved from when I was a kid (you can tell they were mine-see the Rachel stamp all over the first one?), plus she earned some cute heart stamps through her reading program.  She still has a few she wants to make for friends and neighbors that live locally, but I thought I would at least share the ones she made that went out in the mail.

I made the bases of the cards out of construction paper, and then let her go to town with the stamps, some stickers, a heart punch, and some stick pins from my stash.  I helped her glue some things down, but she did a great job making these cards.  On the inside, she wrote Happy Valentine’s Day out herself-I just told her which letters to write.  Pretty cute.

This last one is my favorite.  Those are actually playing cards she is using on this one-I love them, and have used some myself!  Love how she stacked two of them and then put hearts in between the cards.  I think I might have to scraplift my own daughter!  🙂