Amigurumi Take 1

4 Jan

One of my goals for 2011 was to learn to make Amigurumi.  If you are not familiar with them, they are basically small creatures that are either knit or crocheted.  I have a real fascination with these cuties, and you can see a whole bunch of them on my Amigurumi board on Pinterest.

So, while my mom was here for Thanksgiving, I asked her to teach me how to make some!  We picked this one from Pinterest, she wrote up a pattern (so talented is my mom!), and she showed me what to do.

I have only made the same one over and over as I am just practicing, but I think they are mighty cute!  🙂  I have another somewhere that the children have absconded with, but here are some of them anyway:

I did know the basic stitches already, so that made it a little easier to start.  I AM rusty though, so they haven’t all turned out exactly the same.  For example, they are supposed to have a ruffle at the bottom (see the one without the eyes.)  After my mom left, I seem to have forgotten how to do that part.  🙂  Oh well-they are still pretty cute without it!

I am hoping to graduate to some different animals, and eventually, to the kind I really want to make-monsters!  Here are a few examples:

pin found here.

pin found here

pin found here

These are SO cute!!!!  Anyway, just thought I would share!  Oh, and thanks mom!  🙂


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