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Kid’s Craft Week 22-Strawberries

12 Sep

For those of you new to my blog, I post a kid craft every Friday.  Due to The Paper Variety blog hop, I decided to post today instead.

The reason I take the time to post this every week is:

A: Personal accountability-I want to make sure I am spending time crafting with The Girlio!

B: To make sure I am actually utilizing all the great projects I find (especially on Pinterest!)

This week’s craft comes from Pinterest, and you can view it here.

Basically, I just cut heart shapes out of cardstock, The Girlio painted them, and applied the seeds and stem with glue.  Fun, easy, and cute!  I am sure you could just use red cardstock and skip the painting, but as that is her favorite thing to do, we did it.

Of course, she got so into the painting part, that she actually painted 17 strawberries, but only finished six.  Note to self: finish five at a time before going on!  🙂

I like this craft because it would be so easy to convert the strawberries into apples or pumpkins, or even just leave them as painted hearts and decorate them.

So, there you go-another easy, fun craft!  🙂