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Kid’s Craft Week #18-Jelly Fish

12 Aug

This week I tapped into one of the great craft ideas I have stored on Pinterest for our craft-making paper jellyfish.

Here is the original link if you want to check it out.

The only change we really made was that I let The Girlio go through some of my older patterned paper and use that for the tentacles and eyes.  I think they turned out WAY cuter this way.  Also, she is always wanting to use my paper trimmer, so this gave her the chance to cut all the tentacles herself.  This really was a craft she did most of herself, which is always great.  The only parts I did were cutting the plate in half, punching the eyes out with some circle punches, and cutting out the mouth.  She did all the painting, tentacle cutting, and assembly herself.  I hope she wants to do this one again in the future because she already has planned who she wants to give these to, and I would love to have some around here-they are adorable!!  🙂