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LOAD Week #5 Layouts

1 Aug

I have been so busy creating, I haven’t been posting-a good problem, I assure you!  🙂

Anyway, I wanted to post my layouts from LOAD week 5.  This week, we were supposed to make a layout in 30 minutes.  I tried twice.  🙂

Sweet Dream Girl


LOAD Week 5: Layout 4

My class notes: well, this one took me about an hour. I did an 8 1/2 by 11 for the first time, and didn’t use any patterned paper to cut down on time, and that really helped. although it wasn’t 30 minutes, I think I did pretty good considering my normal time is at least 3-4 hrs., and I was interrupted several times by kids, so there was a lot of starting up again which cut into my time. I did pick out my photo within this timeframe too, so start to finish, this isn’t too bad for a first try! 🙂

Princess Boots


LOAD Week 5: Layout 5

Class notes: well, this is my second attempt at 30 minutes. I made a 6×12 page to cut down on time, and WAS actually able to complete it in 30 minutes! Yay! Except, I didn’t really like it-didn’t feel complete. SO, I spent another 30 minutes and glued the layout to kraft cardstock and additional patterned paper, added flowers, and stamping. Much better. An hour is still way faster than normal for me, so I still say SUCCESS! And, I used some really old product, so bonus! 🙂

Final results, well, I know I can cut down on my scrapping time.  I don’t know that these are my FAVORITE pages ever, but I think I don’t mind taking a little less time every once in a while.

Anyway, there you go!  Have a great day!