Kid’s Craft Week 15-Beads

22 Jul

This week, I saw a post for a kid craft using a pipe cleaner and beads to make a butterfly.  The Girlio loved the idea, so we did break out the beads this week!

Supplies: Pipe Cleaners, Scotch Tape, Beads with large holes.


1.  Take a pipe cleaner, tape one end to a table, and let the child string beads on to the pipe cleaner.

2.  Remove pipe cleaner from table, twist and fold ends together, and tuck underneath beads to hide the ends and keep them in place.  You should have a large circle of beads.

3. Make a figure eight out of the circle, and then pinch the two circles together at the center.  This will create four smaller circles (the wings of the butterfly.)  Wrap a second pipe cleaner around the center to hold the circles in place and create your butterfly, adding a smaller piece of pipe cleaner for antennae.

We ended up with this butterfly:

Then, using steps one and two, we made some bracelets.  I just measured her wrist before I cut the pipe cleaner to size.  Make sure to make these a little big as they are not adjustable.  We had enough beads left to make two bracelets for her, her best friend made a bracelet, and then we used what was left to make a smaller bracelet for her Unicorn.  🙂

We had tons of fun, and used up a lot of beads I have had for a long time.  This was a great craft!!

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