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Kid’s Craft Week #14-Donuts

15 Jul

Last week while we were on vacation, we had some donuts from a local shop.  The Girlio, of course, requested sprinkles.  She loves sprinkles.  This got me to thinking about this week’s craft.  I decided it would be fun to make our own paper donuts!

All you need for this craft is several colors of paper, glue, and some scissors.  We used a small plate to trace the outside of our donut, and a sippy cup for the center.

Paper Donuts

Step 1: Select a color for the donut, and one for the frosting.

Step 2: Trace the small plate, and cut through both pieces of paper at the same time so that you end up with two circles.

Step 3: Trace a cup for the center of the donuts, and cut out the center on both circles.

Step 4: Cut a wavy line along the edge on the frosting circle.  Adhere the frosting to the donut.

Step 5: Cut up small pieces of paper for the sprinkles and glue them on.

So-there you go-another fun, easy craft.  The Girlio has already been asking me when we can make some more, so I would say it was a hit!  🙂